Vancouver Olympic Village project

Location  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 
 Sector Residential buildings
 Product installed SunProject FM41 Exterior roller shading system
 Controls Automated system on sun and wind sensors
 Architects Gomberoff Bell Lyon Architect Group (GBL), 302 homes.
Merrick Architecture Borowski Lintott Sakumoto Fligg Ltd. (Merrick), 371 homes.
Arthur Erickson Architectural Corporation (with Nick Milkovich Architect & Lawrence Doyle Architects), 60 homes.
Project Description The Village, composed of low- and mid-rise apartment buildings, was a temporary home for nearly 3,000 world-class athletes. After the Olympic game, the 1,100 units formed a rejuvenated urban framework. SunProject contributed to the Village’s LEED Gold designation with exterior solar shades, which help self-regulate the buildings’ temperatures. In total, 960 automated exterior roller shades were installed for the project.
Design Intent The ultimate goal, aside from sustainability, was to maximize energy efficiency by providing a livable interior comfort level that does not rely on air conditioning.
 Solution While northern windows are not subject to significant solar gain, the larger southern windows have been protected by SunProject’s FM41 Exterior roller shading system. To take advantage of the views, the West facades have large windows and are also fitted with SunProject Exterior Solar Shades. All shades are controlled automatically by sun sensors to maximize their efficiency by lowering the shades when the sun impacts on the particular facade, Individual overrides are provided so that suite owners can control the shades for personalized comfort and view retention.

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Reinforced fabric edges.

Reinforced fabric edges. Shock absorbes for seismic stability. Encased and weather protected in aluminum housing.

anchoring brackets

Customized, panel-integrated anchoring brackets.

Ground level stainless anchors

Ground level stainless anchors.

Seismic assembly with facade-integrated bracket.

Seismic assembly with facade-integrated bracket.

Telescopic bottom bar with 5 mm stainless cable.

Telescopic bottom bar with 5 mm stainless cable.