Energy and daylight modeling assessments can become very complex and may require attention of seasoned and experienced professionals. SunProject™ can offer substantial assistance to its clients through its wide range of analytical services.

An Investment With Multiple Returns

Designing a dynamic façade based on bioclimatic principles provides immediate benefits in terms of occupant comfort and delivers long-term benefits from lower energy costs, reduced carbon dioxide emissions and lower capital expenditure requirements. The ROI is relatively short term, depending on building size, purposing and location. In some shading installations, energy savings of as much as 50 percent were experienced with a payback of three years.

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The introduction of thermal efficiency assessments in the service sector also means that a building's resale value can be affected by its energy consumption rate. Higher efficiency can mean higher value. Please contact us for further information.

Energy Demand Management with HP Dynamic Façade


Energy and Daylight Modeling

SunProject™ is unique as a shading systems manufacturer that offers consulting services. By being on the "front-line" of building design we are able to provide real world information to our research and development teams. As well, our deep knowledge of fabric performance and automated shading systems assists architects and builders in making the right design decisions for more energy efficient buildings.

Our modelling service assists architects by analyzing their designs in the context of daylight patterns and energy usage. We can add or remove shading systems, simulate different scenarios of local seasons and weather, and determine comfort levels and thermal output. We can also provide them with the cost impact of different options and help them create a better performing building.

During the pursuit stage of a project for architects, SunProject™ can collaborate with them to provide a detailed report outlining the energy impact of their design and the return on investment. From our experience, adding this information to a proposal can make a difference in winning the project.

Rebates and Incentives

By deploying green building techniques, builders qualify for rebates and incentives. These vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and in some cases a building is eligible for several. We have assisted clients by informing them of the rebates and incentives that apply and assisting them in the certification and application process.